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Stay-Dry Dribble Bibs

Teething babies need Dribblies! Our stay-dry dribble bibs are the simple, practical, and stylish solution for soggy chests when teething.


When teething starts, babies start to chew on everything in sight. And, the excess dribbling from the saliva necessary to lubricate sensitive little mouths most often ends up all over baby’s chest leaving a permanent wet patch on the clothes.


Dribblies is the solution. The absorbent top layer of cotton soaks up the wetness, while the soft polar fleece backing effectively draws the moisture away from your baby’s clothes. The ‘bandana’ style of the bib ensures that there is enough extra fabric under the chin that the dribble can’t escape; and it looks stylish too!


Dribblies stay-dry bibs come in a variety of colours and designs. Available in 3-packs, 5-packs and 7-packs online and 3-packs from baby stores nationwide.

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